Our Team

“With Awareness comes Responsiblity. A Responsibility to Act!  We felt this deep responsibility to act and zazen was born as a Social Business Enterprise in 2007.”
Janet Parker, Founder

  • Janet Parker

    Star sign: Virgo an earth sign, the sixth sign to be exact… and that’s the way I like it.

    Title: Chief “think WOW Experience” Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder

    What I really do all day: Help the team “look up” and ponder ways to continuously innovate and improve the way we can share the gift of zazen Water with others.

    What I’d like to do all day: I love my life … maybe take a bit more time to add a couple more quarry rocks to my work-in-progress rock wall … it’s pretty long.

    My weirdest healthy habit: Adding turmeric, barley grass & spirulina to my dog’s food, along with her fermented raw veggies (using Braggs Apple Cider vinegar of course!) 

    My favourite quote: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, Begin it!  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it” Goethe

    Every day you’ll catch me: Talking to the trees and saying hello to the girls (the neighbour’s chooks).

    My belief is: Everyone is born with a Greatness – most just need a little help to remember or rediscover it! 

  • Vanessa Drummond

    Star sign: Pisces – I want that one, no this one …. I’ll take both!

    Official Title: Marketing Director and Co-Founder

    Qualifications: B. Bus. Mgt (Marketing Major), MBA (International Business & Ecommerce)

    What I really do all day:  Have fun keeping track of Everything, running lots of reports and numbers, and working out how to continuously improve what we do and add more value.

    What I’d like to do all day: Sit somewhere cosy with a view of the ocean, my cat purring on my lap, a pile of the latest books on leadership, strategy and marketing and a great cup of coffee (a personal chef would be handy too)!

    My weirdest healthy habit: My morning shake – zazen Water, frozen organic banana, ice, cacao, barley grass, spirulina, acai berry, maca powder, cinnamon, turmeric and coconut oil, shaken not stirred, served in an awesome glass.

    My favourite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

    Every day you’ll catch me: Enjoying a great cup of coffee, having a laugh, and crossing off my to do list!

    My belief is: You can Do anything, but first you must Be it.

  • Rob Parker

    Star sign: Sagittarius – the ‘mutable’ fire sign – enthusiastic and ever juggling ideas

    Official Title: Sales Director

    What I really do all day: I work with my fantastic team to find ways to create lifetime customer relationships.

    What I’d like to do all day: Travel with my wife, see new places and meet new people.

    My weirdest healthy habit: Every morning I take Vitamin C with a shot of Kombucha

    My favourite quote: “When you talk, you’re only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” Dalai Lama

    Every day you’ll catch me: Enjoying time with my family.

    My belief is: If it is to be, it is up to me – make it happen!

  • Jay-Leigh Wikaira

    Star sign: Aries – We are go-getters!

    Official Title: Sales Operations Manager

    Qualifications: B.Comm. (Bachelor of Commerce)

    What I really do all day: I make sure that our amazing Account Managers have the tools and resources they need to be the most effective and provide exceptional service to all of our customers.

    What I’d like to do all day: Travel the world and go on a new adventure every day.

    My weirdest healthy habit: I have a ginger and turmeric shot every morning – YUM!

    My favourite quote: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

    Every day you’ll catch me: Singing along to the radio, having a laugh and working hard.

    My belief is: “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney

  • Fiona Provan

    Star sign: Virgo – Earth sign with its ruling planet Mercury (the planet of communication)

    Official Title: Sales Account Manager

    Qualifications: Bachelor Health Science – Homeopathy

    What I really do all day: Educate our zazen customers and Natural Health Practitioner partners on how to best utilise the zazen Water product range for its amazing hydration benefits and share this with friends and family.

    What I’d like to do all day: Curl up with a good book or doco, attend seminars or run seminars on all subjects related to mind, body, spirit. Make & eat yummy raw food treats.

    My weirdest healthy habit: Consuming mushroom extracts to help keep my immune system in tip top shape.

    My favourite quote: Hippocrates ” Let food & (zazen Alkaline Water) be thy medicine & medicine be thy food & (zazen Alkaline Water)” & equally Eckhart Tolle “Be in the Now”.

    Every day you’ll catch me: Starting my day by getting my hands dirty pulling out the weeds in my garden bed (Ohh the mindless serenity of just being in the moment).

    My belief is: We need to ground ourselves to the earth – touching the earth with as much of our body as possible – “bare-feet rule”.

  • Kate Waterson

    Star sign: Leo, we are fearless and strong!

    Official Title: Sales Executive (part-time)

    Qualifications: Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine

    What I really do all day: Answer phone calls, speak to our lovely customers and Natural Health Practitioners and send lots of emails!

    What I’d like to do all day: Travel and explore the world.

    My weirdest healthy habit: Having zazen Water, apple cider vinegar, chlorophyll and flaxseed oil mixed together every morning, followed by homemade kombucha.

    My favourite quote: “The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” Ann Wigmore

    Every day you’ll catch me: Talking and playing with Gypsy at work, or my beautiful daughter Gigi when at home.

    My belief is: Rise up, start fresh, see the bright opportunity in each new day.

  • Andrea Finlay

    Star sign: Gemini

    Official Title: Operations Manager

    What I really do all day: I make sure all orders to customers are processed and sent correctly.

    What I’d like to do all day: Anything as long as it keeps me busy.

    My weirdest healthy habit: Taking a bottle with zazen Water to restaurants.

    My favourite quote: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

    Every day you’ll catch me: At my desk making “to do lists” and checking them off.

    My belief is: Be good to others

  • Prudence Eade

    Star sign: Taurus Gemini Cusp… I may sit right in the middle of two signs, however not on the fence… This cusp is known as the cusp of energy, and I have plenty!

    Official Title: Office Manager

    Qualifications: Diploma of Marketing and Communication

    What I really do all day: I manage the warehouse and lead a team of admin superstars, ensuring order processing and dispatch run smoothly and efficiently so our beautiful customers receive their gifts on time and in one piece. 

    What I’d like to do all day: If I am not at work, my ideal day would be relaxing at the beach with my girls and family, and eating delicious food. 

    My weirdest healthy habit:  I have been known to drink bentonite clay for its binding ability and health promotion, yes I literally drink dirt! It makes a lovely mask also.

    My favourite quote: Slow down to speed up.

    Every day you’ll catch me: As exciting as I may appear you will catch me hanging out a load of washing and ironing school uniforms, I will also be on the phone at some stage to my Mum.

    My belief is: If you are passionate and follow your dreams you leave no room for failure.

  • Jorge Martinez Rubio

    Official Title: Warehouse Assistant

    What I really do all day: I double check and pack all the orders ready for dispatch to our customers and plan ahead for the next day’s orders.

    What I’d like to do all day: To lay down on the sofa and watch documentaries, listen to music, read my silly books, eat good food and play my ukulele. 

    My weirdest healthy habit:  A glass of hot water in the morning once I get up, accompanied by a veggie juice with green apple, spinach, chia, kale and carrots that my wife makes for me!

    My favourite quote: Love is all you need, The Beatles.

    Every day you’ll catch me: Listening to podcasts and classic music.

    My belief is: I was born to glorify our Gentle Jesus.

  • Jack Diamond

    Official Title: Warehouse Assistant

    What I really do all day: Picking, packing, sticking and stacking

    What I’d like to do all day: Mosh to live music with my good mates

    My weirdest healthy habit:  Long distance running at unorthodox hours!

    My favourite quote: “Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.” Larry David

    Every day you’ll catch me: Taking a moment to appreciate the night sky.

    My belief is: AFL is my religion.

  • Gypsy-Rose Parker

    Star sign: Virgo, I’m headstrong and know what I want (are you going to eat all of that sandwich?)

    Official title: Trainee Customer Relations Specialist – I still get overexcited and forget that I am not allowed to lick everyone!

    What I really do all day?  Ensure everyone’s having fun – I make everyone put their rubbish bins on their desks – cause I love to pull all their rubbish out and rip it up, now that’s having fun!

    Ideal position: Head of Security (I have to find my bark first and stop kissing everyone!)

    Favourite toy: The cat – she loves me cause she hisses and wacks me all the time but she doesn’t use her sharp claws.

    What I don’t eat: Ummm… cant think of anything yet, but try me!

    My weirdest eating habit: Cat poop, from the cat’s litter bin if I can get to it first – I can move so fast no one can catch me! I could make the Olympic hurdle team even with my mouth full!

    Every day you’ll catch me:  Looking cute and working out what else I can steal and chew!

    My belief is: I won puppy lotto.