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How do I incorporate the zazen Water System into my consultation?

11th September, 2018
zazen Alkaline Water System

Ever struggle with what to say or how to introduce your client to the benefits of zazen Alkaline Water without feeling like you are “selling them something”?

You know the benefits because you have personally invested in a zazen Alkaline Water System. So how do you simply and naturally (without feeling like you are selling or pushing something onto your clients they don’t need), introduce clients to the benefits of the zazen Alkaline Water System?

This comes up a lot in our conversations with some of our new partners. This is how others have successfully achieved a simple and natural approach to helping their client become better hydrated by simply changing the water they drink.

Tip – The reason why we recommend you have a zazen Alkaline Water system sitting in your clinic or premises is for clients to drink and try it. The zazen Water System emulates Mother Nature’s water cycle creating great tasting hydrating water, people love the taste, especially children. The A5 Look n See Booklet which comes in your Reseller Pack should also be sitting with the zazen Water System so people can read about it as they are waiting.

By simply inviting all clients to have a glass of water before they enter your consulting room is part of the consultation process. You can explain to them the cup of water they are drinking will help with the consultation because it is designed to naturally hydrate them at a cellular level. Being hydrated enhances the treatment you will perform and is also foundational to their wellness strategy.

You may incorporate into your consulting questions

  1. How much water are you drinking each day?
  2. What type of water do you drink? tap, bottled, filtered other?

Once you have a brief understanding of the quantity & quality of water they are drinking and if it is supporting their wellness goals, you can simply explain what the positive differences are they may experience by drinking zazen Alkaline Water designed to hydrate them (compared to say tap water or simply filtered water – see blog article Comparison of zazen to Berkey, RO and Ionisers like Kangen). You can also confirm that it is the water you and your family drink every day.

And lastly zazen Water is a Social Business Enterprise. Ours and your mission is to help people live longer healthier lives especially our children who are most at risk of illness and disease today. The zazen Water Ambassador School Program gifts free zazen Water systems into schools and this is the reason zazen Water started as a social business back in 2008.

If you have a personal experience that is always most powerful, for example mine is:

“I offer my own personal experience prior to discovering zazen Water. I had suffered from chronically dry cracked heels for many years. Within 2 weeks of using zazen Water, there was a notable improvement and within 6 weeks the heels had resolved completely. My body was no longer in drought management, the outcome was true cellular hydration through the balanced minerals I was receiving from drinking the zazen Water”

by Fiona Provan, zazen Sales Account Manager & Homeopath

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