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zazen Filters remove Microplastics from Tap Water

1st June, 2019

With the rise in plastics manufacture, there has been an associated rise in plastic pollution of the external environment. We have found microplastic fibres and particles finding their way into our bottled water and tap water supplies. Read More

by Janet Parker, CEO

What’s in your Drinking Water?

1st February, 2019

Do you know what your drinking water actually contains? Under a microscope and through chemical analysis we find up to 2000 harmful contaminants in our drinking water (yes that’s right – our clean chemically chlorine treated / disinfected town drinking water) said to be some of the best in the world. Most people don’t realise that the process of getting “safe drinking” water into our homes and offices is a complex chemical process, does that mean it is actually “ideal” for us to drink from a wellbeing perspective? Read More

by Janet Parker, CEO

Comparison of zazen to Berkey, RO and Ionisers like Kangen

11th September, 2018
zazen Alkaline Water System mimicking Mother Nature

Your key to success when a competitive product comes up is to be clear, precise and confident, understanding that the core philosophy of the zazen Water System is to ensure your client hydrates at a cellular level. It is not simply a “Filtration System” or about drinking “Alkaline Water”, it is so much more than that!

So, first of all, we know you are not a sales person and you do not need to know all the ins and outs about other “water filter or purification” products.

  • What is most important is You and what You drink and Why you drink it.
  • You have the credibility as the Practitioner and most clients will simply want to do what you do.   

Why zazen Water?  It is simply like no other water.

zazen Water philosophically asks the questions ‘What are the properties of water to support optimum wellbeing?’ and ‘What is the purpose of water in the body?’

That is the purpose of zazen Alkaline Water.  Water designed to hydrate and support optimum cellular health and wellbeing.  This is the foundation to everything that happens in the body.

“One part of the zazen Water design philosophy achieves balanced mineralisation which in turn produces electrical charges in our cells via electrolytes like negatively charged potassium ions leaving the cell attracted to the positivity outside the cell membrane and positively charged sodium ions enter it moving toward the negative charge. This creates a rapid switch in charge generating an electrical impulse on a continuous cycle effectively creating energy – thus moving metabolic waste out of the cell and pulling nutrients into the cell”

Fiona Provan BHScHom zazen Sales Account Manager

Other systems such as Berkey, RO (Reverse Osmosis) and Ionisers like Kangen are NOT designed to create water that hydrates you or your client!

They have been designed philosophically completely differently for other reasons or to solve a problem with water quality!

The questions they may ask are “how do we create safe water?”

With this question, we end up with systems like Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtering almost everything out creating dead water; because they believe that water is just H2O. Pure H2O will not hydrate the body, in fact it will rob the body of essential minerals and cause systemic health issues over time (WHO report 2002 – The life force of water is in the alkaline minerals, structure and energy of water found in healthy hydrating water).

While others technologies such as Ionisers e.g. a brand called Kangen believe that the “more alkaline water is the better”, with no thought to filtration or balance or structure or the properties required to support a healthy person. The philosophy here is “more is better” and for a healthy person more is not better! So we move from Acidosis to Alkalosis *too alkaline!

While others like the Berkey and Ceramic Pots, have been designed first and foremost as a filter.

None of the above water systems have been designed to create water that supports cellular hydration and wellbeing – because they are philosophically coming from a completely different place.  

For more information:

by Janet Parker, CEO

Boost your Immune System by staying hydrated in Winter

1st July, 2018

Keeping up our water intake in winter gives the immune system a boost and can help prevent the onset of colds and flus.

As the cooler months are now upon us, we may be less inclined to drink water than we are in the summer months when we are feeling hot and thirsty. However, staying hydrated in the winter is imperative so that we can maintain peak performance and a healthy lifestyle and avoid the effects of dehydration; Read More

by Janet Parker, CEO

2018 health goals: The 5 things you must do to live a longer, healthier life!

1st January, 2018

With the New Year upon us, we are often thinking about how we can improve or what we would like to do differently this year. At zazen Water, our goal is to help you live a longer, healthier life and we understand that there are 5 key things you must do to live a longer, healthier life. These 5 things are: 

Read More

by Janet Parker, CEO

Merry Christmas from zazen Water!

22nd December, 2017

Thank you to all our wonderful customers and Partners for another fantastic year at zazen Water, we are grateful for all of your support!

Every zazen Alkaline Water System sold contributes to our Water Ambassador School Program, and this year thanks to your contribution we were able to gift over $50,000 worth of zazen Alkaline Water Systems and parts to our partner schools across Australia. Wow! 

Holiday Dates 2017-18:

The zazen Water office is closed over the Christmas break from Friday 22nd December at 2pm Brisbane time, and we reopen at 9am on Monday 8th January. You may place your orders online as normal during this period and any orders placed during the break will be shipped on Monday 8th January.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy & Hydrated New Year! 

The zazen Water (Elves) Team – Janet, Vanessa, Jay-Leigh, Rachel, Kate, Camilla, Andrea, Prudence, Mauricio and of course Gypsy! Read More

by Janet Parker, CEO

zazen Water Filter Reviews

17th November, 2017
Looking for reviews on the zazen Water Filter? Here are some customer reviews on the zazen Alkaline Water System that some of our lovely customers have taken the time to share on Instagram over the years… We know you’ll love it just as much as they do! 

Read More

by Janet Parker, CEO

How does Hydration & Nutrition affect Brain Function and Mood?

3rd November, 2017

In our lifetime, we will all experience episodes of poor physical health, whether it be the flu, an injury, food allergies, weight fluctuations or even the diagnosis of a disease. We accept that our body can have physical health challenges but what about the times in which we experience episodes of or an extended period of sub-optimal brain function, low mood, anxiety and stress and how can we best support the essential mind body connection? Read More

by Janet Parker, CEO

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