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Nikken PiMag Customers – here is some good news

10th July, 2015

It was announced yesterday by Nikken Australia that it will be closing its doors by end September 2015. Since then, we have been contacted by many concerned and anxious Nikken PiMag customers and Consultants who are trying to find a company who can supply replacement parts for their Nikken PiMag water filter so they can continue to use this product. The great news for these customers is that zazen Water parts fit the Nikken PiMag 15 and 10 litre systems, and in fact, we have been servicing now thousands of Nikken customers for the past 8 years already.

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by Janet Parker, CEO

New Healthy Food Pyramid tells us to Choose Water

19th May, 2015

We are thrilled to see a new and improved "Healthy Eating Pyramid" from Nutrition Australia. The pyramid shows at the bottom to "Choose Water" as your beverage of choice.  They state that the simplest way to get healthier is to cut down on junk food and sugary drinks. We couldn't agree more of course, and most of our customers are not only focused on filtering and alkalising their water, but choosing organic fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, herbs and eating a diet that is oriented to alkaline foods that have been grown to sustain their nutritional value.

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by Vanessa Drummond, Co-Founder zazen

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