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Introducing the zazen Partner Program

If you are a health professional looking for advanced welbeing products to recommend to your clients, then our zazen Partner Program will be of interest to you.

zazen Water is a recognised and trusted brand which has been in business since 2008.  We currently partner with over 2,500 Natural Health Practitioners all around Australia. We source high quality, advanced products that help people to live a long, healthy life through peak cellular performance.

zazen Reseller Program - Water filters that remove fluoride

Our mission is to create a Wellness Generation… together.

With Awareness Comes a Responsibility. A Responsibility to Act!

“This generation of children is at risk of living 10 years less than their parents”.

We believe it is every child’s right and fundamental to their health and wellbeing to drink the highest quality drinking water all day every day in school (at no cost to the school).

Why are we doing this? After extensive research, we simply found that no one else was focused on the importance of child hydration and the essential health properties of water. All government health initiatives are focused on healthy foods education and whilst the Australian Government has spent tens of millions of dollars advertising the water conservation issue, there has been not one advertisement on the health benefits of drinking water which could have a major impact on the national health standard in Australia.

We are interested to work with like-minded professionals who want to assist their clients with access to the best quality water and shower filtration products available.

There are many benefits to you as a Business Owner, including excellent customer service systems and recurring revenue from supplying world class products.

Partner Program FAQs

Here are some of the common questions we are asked when a Practitioner is interested in promoting the zazen Water product range.

One of our key requirements for all Partners is that they are first customers themselves, so they have first hand experience and personal testimonial of the benefits enjoyed by drinking zazen Alkaline Water. Therefore, in order to share the gift of zazen Alkaline Water as a Partner, you do need to be using the zazen Water product personally or need to buy a demonstration system when you join us.

For further information please complete our Partner Application Form.

We look forward to working collaboratively with you to create a Wellness Generation,

With Appreciation and Gratitude,
The zazen Water Team

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Partner Testimonial

"As a LifeLine Technique Practitioner, applied kinesiology, Neuro linguistic programming and energy healing are utilised. At the conclusion of each session, I muscle test to determine what action my client can take to support their healing and wellbeing process.
Water and the quality, quantity and frequency of intake impacts on the accuracy of muscle testing during each session and my clients wellbeing on a daily basis.  I supply zazen Alkaline Water as a duty of care towards my clients' wellbeing and to increase the effectiveness of all my sessions.

Clients who increased their water intake on a regular basis, testify to improvement in memory, concentration, reduced stress, anxiety and joint pain.  Gut problems have decreased with the reduction of acidic foods and consumption of mineralised, alkaline water demonstrating that disease increases in an acidic body.

I have a strong belief that every child, has a right to health, each parent an obligation to care for their child’s wellbeing and the positive impact that the School Ambassador Program has in this."

Cathryn Murdoch
Lifeline Technique Practitioner &
Spiritual Counselling