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We currently work with over 3,400 like-minded professionals looking to make a difference in their local communities, particularly in the areas of children’s health and hydration.

Partner with zazen & share the Gift of HydrationWhen we became aware that our children of today are likely to be the first generation to live a shorter lifespan than the previous, we knew we had to act. Since 2007, we have found many dedicated Natural Health Professionals who are also on the same mission.

Never before in the history of mankind has the human body been bombarded with so many toxins and environmental stresses. A child born today is born into a society where 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer!

With AWARENESS comes RESPONSIBILITY.  A RESPONSIBILITY to ACT!  We felt this deep responsibility to act and zazen was born as a Social Business Enterprise.

As a health and wellness professional, you form a trusted relationship with your client. It is logical they will look to you as an influence on the many decisions they make regarding their health and wellbeing – including the quantity and quality of the water they drink daily.

The goal of our zazen Water Partner Program is to become the Water Partner of Choice to Natural Health and Wellness professionals, clinics, studios, online health stores and retail health / organic stores, in local communities across Australia thus supporting the zazen Water Ambassador School gifting Program in local communities.

By supporting you with an excellent product, educational aids (water test results, etc.) and a community focused business model, we at zazen Water are able to achieve our mission faster – reaching more schools and educating more children on the importance of water.

The Benefits of Partnering with zazen Water

  1. Ethical Social Business Enterprise – driven not by maximizing profitability but by contributing socially
  2. Every sale supports the zazen Water Ambassador School Program
  3. Highest quality wellness products – ideal for everyone!
  4. No cost to join
  5. Excellent wholesale margin
  6. Recurring income business model
  7. An ideal product to support all health modalities
  8. State of the art customer support and reminder services

The zazen Brand is a trusted and respected brand. Come join us and make a difference today!

Who Joins Us?

  • Online health / wellbeing stores
  • Retail health / organic stores
  • Health & Wellness Clinics 
  • Multi-Modality clinics
  • Health Retreats
  • Natural Health Practitioners
  • Chiropractic Clinics
  • Naturopathic Clinics
  • Yoga Studios / Health Studios
  • Gyms / Personal Trainers

Tiz Heeschen, zazen Partner, Geelong Victoria

Tiz-Heeschen-zazen-Partner-GeelongHello my name is Tiz Heeschen, I live in Geelong, Victoria and have resided here all my life. I have been involved in the health & wellness arena for over 5 years and recently I completed a course in Holistic Counseling.

My introduction to the wellness industry happened quite by accident and the more involved I became the more aware I was on how the environment we live in has a major impact on our health. So I began my journey on researching it more and more and meeting the most wonderful people who work in the wellness industry who generously shared their information with me. This in turn has enabled me to help many people on their journey to being proactive about regaining their health & wellbeing.

Due to the fact that I have 3 children and wanted to provide them with the best health alternatives there is, I decided I would bring it to their attention also and explain the importance of being proactive and how easy it can be by simply drinking exceptional good quality tasting water that resonates with our bodies as the most crucial starting point.

It was always a dream of mine to be able to incorporate this into my everyday life and as my dream became bigger I thought how wonderful it would be to introduce this water system into schools. Since I was a one man band so to speak, I hit a brick wall.

A few months ago I was introduced to the zazen Water system. As I was reading the information I realised that my dream was right in front of me, not being aware that it was Janet’s and Vanessa’s dream as well, so to meet these ladies and know they had the same vision was immensely gratifying.

I rang Vanessa and Janet, asked many questions and immediately jumped on board. It was the missing link to continue on with my dream to be able to educate our children on the facts about hydration and water which is very close to my heart, as it is the first step in preventing disease and creating a future wellness generation.

The benefits I and my family have had, not to mention many other families who drink clean, mineralized water have been amazing and children just love the taste.

If you have the same vision or feel that this is something you may like to get involved with please contact any one of us as we would be delighted to hear from you.

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Partner Testimonials

“It’s very important to have a water filter that not only removes the increasing number of harmful water contaminants such as carcinogenic organic compounds, but one that also REPLACES the minerals we do need. I now have an economically priced system that fits my stringent requirements.”
Pauline Roberts
PhD., BSc. (Hons), DBM
Naturopath and Scientific Researcher, Liverpool Plains, NSW


"As a Lifestyle Health Consultant, Author and Guest Speaker for Health and Lifestyle Topics, I have found that the zazen Water System is one of the best products on the market for assisting households, schools, offices and any place where one should have water on offer. It's just the right size, and by design shows you how your water is being repaired and rejuvenated so that every time you press your glass against the little tap, you release life giving, delicious (yes delicious) water that feeds your tissues and cells and gives you vitality. Well done zazen Team. I'm loving your water. blessings, Annie"

Annie Clark
Dip. Lifestyle Health Consultancy
Founder of THE ART OF WELLNESS events


“zazen Water is filled with vitality. I've been drinking the water for over two years and being amazed from the difference in the quality in comparing to other water, from tap to bottled, I became a reseller as I totally believe in the product and the founders' philosophy. As a Kinesiologist and a master in my field, I KNOW that hydration is highly important to our cells, it is vital to our kidney function and the adrenal glands for balanced performance. I recommend zazen to all who wish to be hydrated properly.”

Sharon Tal, Founder,
Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre


“What I go for is finding a water system that can deliver you the same water you get from a pristine mountain stream, in your home, in your workplace, in your school on demand, whenever you want it. The brilliant scientists who have designed the zazen system, have come up with a staged system where you can pour tap water or tank water in the top of the system and by the time its gone through its processes and gets into your glass or water bottle it is alive, vibrant mountain stream water and you can't get better than that.”

John Toomey
Nutritionist & International Speaker


"As a LifeLine Technique Practitioner, applied kinesiology, Neuro linguistic programming and energy healing are utilised.  At the conclusion of each session, I muscle test to determine what action my client can take to support their healing and wellbeing process.
Water and the quality, quantity and frequency of intake impacts on the accuracy of muscle testing during each session and my clients wellbeing on a daily basis.  I supply zazen Alkaline Water as a duty of care towards my clients' wellbeing and to increase the effectiveness of all my sessions. 
Clients who increased their water intake on a regular basis, testify to improvement in memory, concentration, reduced stress, anxiety and joint pain.  Gut problems have decreased with the reduction of acidic foods and consumption of mineralised, alkaline water demonstrating that disease increases in an acidic body.
I have a strong belief that every child, has a right to health, each parent an obligation to care for their child’s wellbeing and the positive impact that the School Ambassador Program has in this."

Cathryn Murdoch
LifeLine Technique Practitioner & Spiritual Counselling