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Do zazen Water parts fit the Nikken PiMag systems?

YES all zazen Water filters and stones fit the Nikken Pi-Mag 10 & 15 litre systems including our Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge, Ceramic Filter and of course the Silver and Mineral Stones. Our filters do not fit the Nikken Waterfall.

The zazen Water Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge is designed specifically for Australian water supplies and removes up to 90% of the fluoride in your drinking water.

The Nikken PiMag 10 litre system requires a special Ceramic Filter that screws into a blue adapter. The zazen Ceramic Filter #802N has been specifically designed to fit this adapter. Please advise when ordering if you have the Nikken Pi-Mag 10 litre system so we can dispatch the correct Ceramic Filter.

zazen Water filters and stones carry the zazen Water Quality Guarantee – if you are not 100% happy we will refund your money within 90 days of purchase.

Why choose zazen replacement parts?
  • Always in Stock – at zazen we always have stock of all filters and stones. You can be sure when you need something we will have it. We are committed to these products for years to come and have been servicing Nikken customers with replacement parts since 2007.
  • Fantastic Value for Money – zazen Water is an Australian company with its head office in Brisbane and markets online direct to the public and through over 2,200 Natural Health Practitioners and health stores. We are not a Network Marketing company (so you don’t have to be a Consultant to order at great prices) which means we can sell high quality products at affordable prices. We currently have thousands of happy Nikken PiMag customers who replace their filters and stones directly with zazen Water every year.
  • zazen Quality Assurance – We offer a 90-day money back guarantee on all products no questions asked!
  • Fluoride Reduction – The zazen Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge has been designed specifically for our water in Australia which can be quite acidic and it is also fluoridated. The zazen Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge reduces fluoride by up to 90%.
  • Alkaline Water – Our focus has always been on ensuring you are drinking the highest quality alkaline mineral water that hydrates you at a cellular level when you drink it. The zazen Multi-stage Filter Cartridge not only imparts FIR and Pi Energy into your water but also releases additional ionised magnesium to boost the pH.
  • Customer Reminder Service – We will proactively remind you via our free Customer Reminder Email Service when you need to change your filters and stones which you can do simply online or over the phone securely – one less thing to remember!
  • Social Business Enterprise – At zazen, we are a Social Business Enterprise and our purpose is to support the health and wellbeing of children which we do through the zazen Water Ambassador School gifting program. Since 2008 we have gifted over $450,000 of zazen Water Systems and filters to Australian primary schools. Read more on the zazen as a Social Business Enterprise.
  • We are growing and expanding – zazen Water has been rapidly growing since we began in 2007 and will continue to grow supporting customers and Practitioners all over Australia, as well as internationally as we expand. We currently have over 27,000 customers and over 2,200 Natural Health Practitioners who use zazen Alkaline Water products.

What is the cost & how often do they need replacing?
zazen Water Part RRP Replacement Timeframe
Filter Cartridge »
Nikken PiMag Water Filters Replacement
Only $49.95

Expires after 6 months

This filter, once in use in your system, has a maximum life of 6 months. After this period of time, some of the media used to filter acidic contaminants start to expire, and therefore it must be replaced to ensure continued high quality filtered alkaline water production and its inherent benefits. The zazen Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge reduces up to 90% fluoride in tap water.

Ceramic Filter »

Nikken PiMag Water Filters Replacement

Only $49.95

Expires after 12 months

Increasingly we are finding more and more particulates & organic matter in our drinking water. The Ceramic Filter is critical as a pre-filter to the Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge, ensuring fine particulates are filtered out before they can clog the Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge. Cleaning and changing this filter regularly is an important part of providing quality alkaline water.

Silver Stones 500g »
Silver Stones - Nikken PiMag Water Filters Replacement
Only $49.95

Expire after 12 months

Silver stones are used as a natural anti-bacterial agent and microbial deterrent. Water that is “still” – over time will grow things – the silver stones ensure that your water is always in pristine hygienic condition.

Mineral Stones 1 kg »
Only $59.95

Expire after 5 years

Help your water stay in a balanced, healthy and alkaline state by replacing your Mineral Stones which impart a balanced range of alkaline ionised minerals as needed by your water. This is a critical part of the process in ensuring that the water produced by your water system can be assimilated by your body at a cellular and hydrate you immediately.

“Hi zazen, I'm using a PiMag water filter. So grateful that zazen products work with what I have. Thanks for your great reminder service and your helpful tips.”
Sophie, Brisbane, Qld

Are you a Nikken Consultant?

If you are a Nikken Consultant and want to continue to earn income from the Wellness business you have built, then talk to us. At zazen Water, we have a Partner program that costs nothing to join, where you can order bulk filters and stones at wholesale prices for your current customers and continue to earn an income and be compensated for the customer base you have worked hard to build. Fill in the form below noting your Nikken Consultant number to talk to one of our Sales team who can immediately assist you with a quality product range to continue to service your existing customers and maintain your income.

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