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Merry Christmas from the zazen Team

22nd December, 2015 0

Another year has flown by here at zazen Water. We want to send a special thank you to all our beautiful customers – thank you for your wonderful support again this year, and for assisting us to send more systems to new schools in our Water Ambassador School Program, as well as replace all the parts in the hundreds of systems located in our existing schools. You can feel good knowing you contributed to over 15,000 primary school children enjoying our Alkaline Water at school!

Every purchase of a zazen Water System contributes to supporting the core purpose of why zazen Water came into existence – to support the zazen Water Ambassador School Program putting free Systems into primary schools across Australia because

  • we believe that every child has the right to drink the very best quality water… every day. A water that all the essential properties to support their growing bodies and that hydrates at a cellular level and tastes great!
  • we believe that hydration is foundational to the prevention of and recovery from disease.

Together we have contributed up to $500,000 worth of zazen Alkaline Systems and parts, free to primary schools across Australia! Wow! I wanted to take a moment at Christmas to reflect and share the impact this program has which is best summed up by sharing feedback from the actual schools and support staff who work with us. We often underestimate how far reaching this project is!

On behalf of the staff, and students at Mornington Park Primary School, I would like to say a huge thank you for the generous donation of the water systems. We always promote healthy food and drink at the school as part of our ‘Health Promotng Schools’ program, so the water system adds to this dimension. The children are needing no encouragement to drink water as the system is easy to use and the water is markedly more palatable. We have noticed the children drinking more than ever!! Thanks again for giving us this opportunity.

Bev Dadds Principal

And further from Maria one of our invaluable community Water Angels – who changes the filters in the classrooms and teaches the Secret of Water lesson to newbies:

I am thrilled that the students have this opportunity its really helping them and many of them come from quite difficult situations. One teacher spoke to me the other day and talked of a little girl in her class who was often sad and unresponsive in the past and the teacher said she was blown away by this little girl’s response to receiving the filter in her class the child told the teacher how lucky they were to receive this gift and how she wanted to make a picture or a card to say thank you and the teacher also noted it had spurred this child to also prompt the class to talk about caring for the environment and how important it is! We often underestimate how far reaching this project is!

We also want to thank the hundreds of partners who educate their clients about hydration and the importance of drinking a water that actually hydrates the body at a cellular level. We have Retail Organic Stores, Health Food shops, cafes, health resorts, gyms, yoga studios, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Kinesiologists, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Reiki Masters, Healers, Aromatherapists, and many other Natural Health Practitioners drinking and recommending our zazen Alkaline Water Systems, and we thank you for your support, energy and enthusiasm for what we do.

We have had a wonderful year, welcomed new team members and farewelled some, launched our Glass Bottom Tank for the zazen Alkaline Water System, expanded our warehouse operation in Brisbane to handle our increasing demand, travelled again to South Korea to visit the leading Water Scientists and keep abreast of product developments around the world.

There are lots of exciting things in the pipeline for 2016 which we can’t wait to share with you all next year, but for now, we want to wish you a healthy, happy and hydrated Christmas and New Year, and may all your hopes and dreams and goals come true in 2016!

Janet, Vanessa, and the entire team at zazen Water!

Janet Parker, CEO
by Janet Parker, CEO

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