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zazen Raindrop Shower Filter

Beautiful large chrome head with 60 nozzles for a divine shower experience.

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5 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)


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Product Description

Enjoy a Healthier Shower Experience Today with the zazen Raindrop Shower Filter!

  • Reduces up to 99% chlorine and dangerous vapours
  • Reduces up to 99% of water soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium and copper
  • Protects against Ageing Effects

NOTE: Product comes ready to install with showerhead, shower arm & mounting bracket all included!

SPECIAL NOTE: zazen Water has completed and passed stringent Water and Pressure tests required by the Australian Government certification process for WaterMark and WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme) certification.
This means you can install this product yourself or have your plumber install it with complete peace of mind that all parts have been fully tested in a government certified Water Testing laboratory and passed rigorous Government documentation and certification requirements.


The dangers of that hot steamy shower

When your unfiltered drinking water is heated in a shower it is 3 x more toxic* to your body than drinking it! Chlorine and dangerous heavy metals are vapourised when tap water is heated. As you shower you inhale and absorb these vapours through your lungs and skin and these chemicals go directly into your blood stream. This can weaken your immune system and disrupt your respiratory, renal and central nervous systems!

* Recent studies link excessive chlorine exposure to breast, kidney (renal) and bladder cancers (Harvard University Study 2012).

zazen Shower Technology uses state-of-the-art, patented natural (recyclable) filter media designed specifically for the reduction of chlorine, odours and heavy metals in hot water* creating a healthier showering experience.

*Filter media used in cold water filters, such as activated carbon / charcoal, are not effective at filtering chlorine and heavy metals in hot water.

So make the decision to install a zazen Raindrop Shower Filter and enjoy a healthier showering experience with every shower, every day!

  • Create a healthier showering environment
  • Reduce up to 99% of chlorine as well as other heavy metals such as water soluble lead, mercury, nickel chromium and copper
  • Protect against the ageing and damaging effects of chlorine and heavy metals
  • Restore natural softness to hair, scalp and skin
  • May help reduce eczema and asthma
  • Remove odours and improve water clarity
  • Prohibit growth of bacteria, fungi and algae
  • Reduce soap scum and calcium build up on shower glass and tiles
  • Quick and easy to install (no plumber needed), attaches to existing shower pipe
  • Filter life of up to 12 months – simple to change by unscrewing shower head



Price: $249.95 (includes GST)
Product Code: ZAZ505
Includes: 1 zazen Raindrop Chrome Shower Head, 1 x Filter Cartridge, 1 x stainless steel shower arm, mounting bracket and teflon tape (no tools required).
Warranty: 90 day Money Back Guarantee and 90 day Product Warranty – refer Q&A below for further details
Capacity: Up to 38,000 litres
Filter Life: Up to 12 months, if large family may need to change sooner. Filter is easy to change – simply remove the screws from the showerhead, remove old filter and replace with new filter and screw showerhead back on. 
Please note: Filter life may be less due to local water quality.
Dimensions: Head diameter 15.24cm (6″) head with 60 chrome nozzles. 25cm (10″) Hi-Lo shower arm allows for a 50cm (20″) height and angle range.
Weight: 985g
Output: WELS Rating: 3 Star (WELS Registration No. S11808), Flow Rate 9 litres / minute
Standards: AS/NZ3662
Working Pressure: 20 – 110 psi (1.4 – 1.6 bar / 280 – 700kPa)
Temperature Range:
4ºC to 48.9ºC (40 – 120º F)
Installation: Simple to install, no plumber required.  Step-by-step instructions available in our Installation Guide or simply view our installation video.


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4 reviews for zazen Raindrop Shower Filter

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very happy with my rain drop shower filter!
    I no longer smell chlorine when showering, compared to when I run a bath and I can smell the chlorine straight away.
    Highly recommenced this product!
    It is a good quality shower head which is easy to move and adjust for different angles and heights.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Love this Zazen raindrop shower filter! I was concerned it may alter the pressure of the water but it hasn’t changed at all. It looks stylish and i love showering under water which now doesn’t smell of chlorine or other chemicals! Definitely get this filter if you’re tossing it up!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have to tell you I just had a shower with my new zazen shower filter and I almost leapt out of the shower with joy. It was so good. Why didn’t I do this earlier? Doesn’t matter. It’s done and I love it.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I have experienced big miracles since buying/installing the Zazen shower filter October last year. I have been using for nearly 7 months and it has been like a journey for me from being unwell to feeling on top of the world – which is a priceless gift. Zazen created the best health product I have ever purchased in my life time. It has given me nothing but miracle after miracles – a precious gift that has no ending. I really enjoyed sharing with everyone about my experiences with Zazen showers and how it has helped me get back on track to the path of good health and happiness. I also want to inspire and reach out to help others out there who care about their own health as well the health of their precious family members and loved ones – as nothing beats the comfort of knowing that the water you shower with and use daily is pure, clean, fresh and healthy. I lived up in PNG for most of my life where the household water was supplied through a rainwater tank so never experienced so many health problems with my skin, hair and body before – till I moved here permanently. I've come to the observation and conclusion that my local town water supply must be very very toxic – the last 5 years – in particular since fluoride was added – life for me had become a nightmare. I have noticed my skin had lost its shine and became dry and lifeless as well I started to gain weight that was difficult to get rid of – even though I had eaten a good well balanced diet and did not eat any overly processed or fast foods. Also got itchy red rashes on my face which I'd never had before. My skin was lifeless and looked like dry leather no matter what moisturizer I used or how expensive or organic the ingredients were in the skincare product — nothing provided relief. I even went to a beauty salon and had regular treatments but wasn't satisfied as it did not provide any relief so I stopped going. My complexion, hands and legs always looked dry and dull. Within a couple days after showering with Zazen my face and body started to sparkle 'n' shine – friends, family, extended family, co-workers, acquaintances and strangers complimented me on the "glow" they all said that I must be extremely healthy and happy in my life as I just had a look about me that was "lacking" today. I have since also dropped 7 kilograms so doing very well. I feel like I have got a brand new body thanks to Zazen. Besides the dry skin and red rashes my hormones were whacked out. My periods were so irregular – and things got so bad that I hadn't had a period for over 2 years. I'm not in the menopause age range yet as I'm in my mid 30's so it should not be happening just yet. I tried every herbal remedy, went to the GP/specialists as well tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs – nothing helped. This is strange – a couple days after showering – out of nowhere my period returned – I was over the moon with joy and my body felt good again and normal. It has been 7 months – my menstrual cycle has been on time without any failure so far. I also noticed that before the Zazen filter I used to lose a great deal of hair every time I washed my hair to the stage that I was getting thinning out in some areas of the scalp as well small bald patches. In PNG my hair was always thick, healthy, shiny and soft. Since using the filter I noticed less and less hair fall-out each day and now I’d be lucky to lose a couple of hairs each week. Thanks to the Zazen technology I once again feel beautiful and have "PNG hair". Out of all the Zazen miracles the biggest one for me was a pain-free hip. In early 2010 I felt down 2 flights of stairs and landed on my left hip. Since that "accident" I felt much pain on my hips which affected and traveled to my spine and leg as well as spreading to my neck and left hand. I tried everything from Chinese massage therapy to taking herbs, magnetic therapy, vitamin supplements, Ayurveda medicine which was suppose to strengthen bones and provide relief from pain after accidents but did not provide any relief. Also tried acupuncture and went to see a chiropractor and physiotherapy on a regular basis to try and relieve some of the pain. Nothing worked as the pain just stayed the same as well deteriorating every day. Each day just got worst to the stage that I couldn't get out of bed without some support from my mum and my sister. I was distressed as I was young and suffering so much stiffness and pain that I could not sit for long hours without discomfort as well couldn't pick up things that had fallen on the floor without having problems getting up. I was unable to do things I loved like gardening, jogging, walking, riding a bicycle and dancing. My quality of life really suffered. Showering with Zazen seemed to help ease my pain and suffering to the stage that I started to forget about the fall and it no longer bothered me as I could start to do all the things I enjoyed without the stiffness, pain and discomfort. I did not realise that it was time to order and change a new filter till I started getting pain, discomfort and stiffness again a couple days ago. WOW!! Zazen spurts out miracle water. I was skeptical at first – but now swear by the fact that Zazen must have invested a lot of hard work, research and superior technology to create a very unique – as well the perfect products that does what it promises to do – that is to deliver pristine water that is healthy and good for the body inside/out.. I hope to inspire others and help them find Zazen products so they can also enjoy its therapeutic benefits and not have to go through life suffering some awful illness. Zazen is helping me to feel wonderful, be pain-free and feel like a million dollars and stay healthy without doing anything other than take a shower every day. I was curious about the state of my health and needed an explanation as to why Zazen worked where other methods of medicine/treatments have failed for me. The abundance of information from various sources about the benefits of drinking alkaline water and showering in filtered water written by universities, scientists, medical doctors and naturopaths in the USA about the harmful "poisons" in our town water supply explained everything to me clearly and makes sense why my health suffered so much and when showering with clean water produced from Zazen helped cleared my health problems. The healing benefits is amazing!! I have come to the above conclusions in my testimony based on the fact that after using the Zazen shower filter I experienced better skin, hair and health. It is a difference that is priceless – I like it how Zazen is reasonably priced and provides lasting, excellent results just like paying the price of a Toyota and getting a Ferrari. I now truly understand how important it is to have good chemical/toxin free water as well shocked to learn about all the damage showering and drinking toxic water could create so much havoc in the body when there is injuries or health issues present in the body – the toxins seem to knock everything out of balance and make one's health/life a misery as well even affecting something like the health of the skeletal frame, hormones and the menstrual cycle to note a few of the many other issues that I'm pretty sure exist out there. I'm forever GRATEFUL to Zazen for providing such a marvellous product!! Thank God for Zazen shower I got my health and life back – I'm one loyal, happy, satisfied customer for life!!!

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