Water pH Test Kit

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Water pH Test Kit

Test the pH of your drinking water. 


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Product Description

This Water pH Test Kit will give accurate pH readings at each .5 pH unit from pH 5.0-9.0, and is excellent for measuring the pH of waste water, filtered water, tap water, rain water and pond water. It gives accurate readings in dilute or unbuffered solutions where “”dip and read”” tests may read low. Estimates can be made to 0.25 pH units.

This test kit is not designed to test Urine and Saliva, and nor can the test kits for Urine and Saliva be used to test water.  They will give inaccurate readings, usually much lower pH than is correct.  You specifically need to purchase a Water pH Test Kit such as this to test the pH of your water.



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Purpose: To test the pH of your water.  This can help you to determine if you need to add our Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer to your zazen Water system.

Includes: 15-foot roll of test paper, matching color chart and one(1) capped 4 ml. sample tube, packed in a polypropylene protective case.

Warranty: 90 day Money Back Guarantee

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